Choose the Best Sit-Stand Solution for You

Ready to find out which Vari® standing desk solution is right for you? This guide can help.

We have both desktop converters and standing desks to choose from, as well as budget-friendly options that are perfect for use at home. Get started creating the active, productive workspace you deserve by browsing the options below, or try taking our quick workspace quiz.

Side views of variety of black standing desk solutions
A Solution for Every Space

First, decide whether you want a desktop converter or a full desk.
Here’s a quick comparison to help you choose.

Individual standing at varidesk converter on top of existing desk in office

Desktop Converters

Go Easy

If you want to keep the desk you have or if you’re in a cubicle, these solutions are a simple way to bring sit-stand freedom to your workspace.

  • Sits on top of your existing desk
  • Sets up easily with little-to-no assembly
  • Available in multiple sizes and finishes
  • Offer both manual and electric
  • Budget-friendly options available

Full Desks

Go Big

If you’re ready to replace your desk and want to maximize your workspace, a full-size, sit-stand desk is just the upgrade you need.

  • Replaces your existing desk
  • Sets up easily with minimal assembly
  • Available in multiple sizes and finishes
  • Budget-friendly options available

Professional standing at electric standing desk in office space
For Small Spaces
Perfect for laptops on single, flat work surfaces
For Desktop
Holds multiple monitors and sits on top of your current desk.
Standing Desks
Desk replacement ready to help you work elevated.

What's in a Name?

Why do product names have numbers in them? The numbers refer to work surface measurements. For example, the VariDesk® Pro Plus 36™ has a work surface that’s 36 inches wide, and the Standing Desk 48x32 is 48 inches wide and 32 inches deep.

Why are some products named “VariDesk” and others are “Standing Desks”? All VariDesk products are desktop converters, and Standing Desks are full-size desks.

Why do some products have “Essential” in their name? Our Essentials Collection is designed to be budget-friendly for home use.

Black VariDesk Converter lowered on existing desk

The Essential Collection

Designed to be budget-friendly and sleek, the Essential Collection makes it easy to create a comfortable home workspace.

Essential Collection

Budget-friendly for home use

Everyday features

Slim, lightweight design

Standard Vari Products

Perfect for home or office use

Premium features and size options

Eligible for free installation on commercial projects

Advantages of Manual

Our manual converters lift either in an up-and out or straight up motion, use springs to reduce back strain, offer many height settings, need minimal or no assembly, and don’t require plus or cords

Advantages of Electric

Our electric desktop converters and electric desks offer continuous height adjustment at the touch of a button, require little-to-no assembly, and only need a nearby electric outlet to help you start standing. 

Workspace Size
VariDesk Converter in raised position on desk
VariDesk Converter in raised position on desk

Compare Desktop Converters

Measure the surface depth of your existing desk. Converters with a minimum depth requirement that's equal to or smaller than that measurement will fit your space.

Upgrade Your Corner Office

The VariDesk® Cube Corner® 36 is designed to fit perfectly into most corners, including standard-size cubicles and modular spaces.

Surface Depth: 19"/48.3 cm
Product Width: 32"/81.5 cm

Compare Full Desks

Choose from a variety of sizes and finishes


Count Your Screens

Whether you have a lean-and-mean laptop setup or like to spread out with multiple monitors, we have a sit-stand solution for you.

Learn more about weight capacity

Monitor Arms

Free up more workspace and place your screens right where you need them. We have models for one or two monitors and even one for monitor/laptop combos*.

Professional at VariDesk Converter with two monitors raised in office
Professional at VariDesk Converter with two monitors raised in office
Take the Quiz

Which Desk is Right For You?

Which Standing Desk is Right For You?

Get fully furnished fast

Built For Growth

Vari makes it simple to furnish your growing business, because we’ve streamlined the process from factory to fully furnished. We’re your end-to-end solution for getting your project done on time and within budget. And when things change, your Vari workspace can adapt to your needs quickly and easily.

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The Vari Advantage

Every time you buy a Vari product, you get quality, convenience, and a risk-free purchase you can feel good about.
30-Day Guarantee
You can return any product for any reason within 30 days of purchase
Free Delivery
All products ship free**
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Easy financing with Affirm monthly payments
Quality Products
Tested and certified to the highest industry standards

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