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Frequently Asked Questions

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Quick FAQ Guide

Your quick guide to the most common questions about our products, company, and processes.

By Phone
We want to hear from you! The fastest way to contact us is by phone. Call (800) 207-2587 to talk with someone about your questions, concerns, and for process updates. You can reach us from 8 am-6 pm CST Monday-Friday, excluding federal holidays.

By Email
You can send us a message on our contact us page. Please allow 1-2 business days for us to reply. If you need to cancel an order or have another time-sensitive question, please call us.

By Chat
You can also chat with our team when the “click to chat” button is available on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. We're available 8 am-5 pm CST Monday-Friday, excluding federal holidays.

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Most of our products arrive in the contiguous US in 2-7 business days after ordering. See our map for approximate ground shipping times.


For freight or bulk orders, please call (800) 207-2587 to inquire. We work with third-party freight companies to deliver your product.

We understand that your investment is valuable to you, so we back it up with our fantastic limited warranty. Learn more about our warranty.

All of the monitor arms are VESA Standard-compatible and have a backplate with distinct mounting holes at 75 mm x 75 mm and 100 mm x 100 mm. This fits a vast majority of monitors.

The Single-Monitor Arm can hold any monitor up to 19.8 lb, with no monitor size limits.

The Dual-Monitor Arm can hold most monitors up to 19.8 lb. per arm. With a larger monitor, you may experience placement issues.

The Dual-Monitor Arm 180 Degree can hold up to 19.8 lb per arm. We suggest using monitors that are no more than 27” inches across, diagonally.

The Monitor Arm + Laptop Stand can hold 30.9 lb. on the post, and 19.8 lb on the spring arm. Because of the design and high weight limit, a 27” monitor should fit. The spring arm can hold up to a 15” laptop, measured diagonally.

Due to our fast processing times, it might not be possible for us to cancel your order. For the best chance of canceling your order, reach out to us by phone (not email or chat) as soon as possible after creating the order. If you weren't able to talk with a representative in time to cancel the order, you can refuse delivery from the FedEx driver (please call to inform us), or you can contact us for a return after delivery. Please note that we may have to follow the normal refund time frame, even for cancelled orders.

We stand behind our 30-Day No-Risk Guarantee. If you purchased a product directly from Vari you have 30 days from the delivery date to try it out. If you don't love it, we'll pay to pick it up so you can return it.

Please note, that most "Open Box Products" are sold as-is and are not covered by any warranty or return policy. Any Electric Standing Desk in the open box program has a warranty of 90 days and coverage is limited to electrical components and legs. This excludes cosmetic defects. The return allowance for Electric Standing Desks in the open box program is 30 days from time of receipt (based on tracking showing delivery) and coverage limited to electrical components and legs. This excludes cosmetic defects.

In order to return product, we ask that you repackage the returning product in Vari® packaging. If you disposed of the original packaging, we'll send out an empty box, free of charge. If you're getting a replacement product, we may ask that you wait for the replacement product to arrive and use that packaging to return the original item. For orders over $5,000, there may be a 10% restocking fee for select situations.

Vari Products and Processes

We get a lot of questions about our desks, accessories, and more. This resource will help you learn everything you need to know about our products, company, and processes, organized conveniently into categories.

The easiest place to find specific product dimensions is on the product page and in our product spec sheets.

Please note that no matter your desk shape, your desk should support the legs and base of any desktop converter at all times. For any questions, please call our Customer Experience team at (800) 207-2587.

If you can't decide which desktop or full desk product is right for you, try our Quick Fit Finder! It’ll quiz you on your particular setup and needs and will provide you with our best solution for your scenario.

Our monitor arms are made specifically to fit VariDesk® products*. However, the 1 3/8" clamp means that it should theoretically fit on any desk with a desktop width equal to or less than 1 3/8”.

For laptop-only setups, consider our Laptop 30.

One Monitor
For those with one monitor (with or without a laptop), we suggest our VariDesk® Pro Plus™ 30 or anything larger.

Two Monitors
For those with two monitors (with or without a laptop), consider any of our desktop converters 36” wide or wider (the VariDesk® Pro Plus™ 36 is our bestseller and works great for two 24” monitors.)

Three Monitors
For those with very large monitors or with 3+ screens, we suggest a full desk replacement. Our Electric Standing Desk 60x30 boasts a large workspace and our highest weight capacity for all your screens.

*Vari monitor arms are not compatible with desks in the Essential Collection.

The numbers in the product names mostly refer to their size.

For example, the VariDesk® ProPlus™ 36 is 36 inches wide. Our Electric Standing Desk 60x30 is 60 inches wide by 30 inches deep. In the case of the Dual-Monitor Arm 180°, the numbers in the name refer to the 180-degree rotation of the arms. The Mobile Glass Board 40x72 is 40 inches wide and 72 inches tall.

side view of a vari product with product name and number visible on product, as Pro Plus 36

Height matters when it comes to finding your perfect standing-desk solution.

Average-Height Users
Those people of average height will be able to use any of our desktop converters or full desks. Read above about how to measure your needed desktop converter height if you’re not sure.

For Taller Users
We typically classify people who are 6’1” or taller as a “taller” user. These taller users may find that the VariDesk® Tall 40 is a great fit for a desktop converter. For a full desk replacement, our Electric Standing Desk has the greatest range of heights, from 25” to 50.5” from the floor.

Shorter Users
People who are shorter than average should find any converter works well, given that their current desk (if using a desktop converter) is already a good height for them while sitting. In our office, even our 4’11” employees find it comfortable to sit and stand with a VariDesk®! For those users who want the lowest possible sitting height, select the Electric Standing Desk, with a minimum height of 25”.

It's important to Include all accessories and monitors when calculating the total weight on your desk. Staying within the weight limit helps the desk function better and lowers the chances of back strain. Weight limits for each product can be found on their individual product pages.

We produce our furniture using high-quality, contract-grade materials, detailed below. Learn more about our dedication to quality.

We use only the highest-quality medium-density fiberboard (MDF), which is built tough and strong for many years of use.

All our desktop converters, full desks, and tables are made with top-grade, heavy-duty laminate. Its luxe surface texture makes it resistant to scratching.The Reclaimed Wood finish has a slightly more pronounced texture than the others, in keeping with its more natural, wood-look character.

We use heavy-duty steel in many of our products. It’s in the T-Style legs in our Electric Standing Desk, and in the rocking bar in our ActiveMat® Rocker, to name a few. We also use powder-coated steel in our Metal Conference Chairs and our storage cabinets, like the Storage Seat, which adds an external layer for extra durability.

We use eco-friendly powder-coated aluminum in our QuickFlex Walls™ and Mobile Glass Boards for lightweight strength.

Molded Plywood
We use molded plywood in our Conference Chair, and Side Chair. Its graceful curve provides a natural, smooth surface.

Our Standing Mats are made with rubber. They are especially designed to provide long-lasting comfort as you stand while working. To lengthen the lifetime of your mat, we suggest you do not use a chair over them.

We use PET felt, which is made from recycled sources and is specifically designed to dampen noise.

We're committed to quality. Where applicable, our products are made to the highest standard, qualifying for the industry's leading product certifications. Learn more about our many product certifications.

Many of our products have achieved UL BIFMA Performance Certification.

We're very proud to have many products that carry GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD Gold certifications.

Since our products are not safety equipment, we don't carry any OSHA ratings.

Open Box Products are a great solution for budget-conscious customers who want to enjoy Vari quality, directly from Vari, at a discounted price.

These products may have slight cosmetic imperfections. (Think scratches or minor dents)

Before purchasing an Open Box Product, please understand that most "Open Box Products" are sold as-is and are not covered by any warranty or return policy.

Any Electric Standing Desk in the open box program has a warranty of 90 days and coverage is limited to electrical components and legs. this excludes cosmetic defects. The return allowance for Electric Standing Desks in the open box program is 30 days from time of receipt (based on tracking showing delivery) and coverage limited to electrical components and legs. This excludes cosmetic defects. All other open box products are sold as-is and are not covered by any warranty or return policy.

How to Use Our Products

We are constantly innovating and creating new technologies or combining thought-leadership across industries. Learn about some of the basic principles that make your Vari product work.

This storage and furniture collection helps create sophisticated looking spaces with a modular design approach that can easily be mixed and matched to create an incredible number of custom configurations. Learn More

Your VariDesk® converter seamlessly clicks into multiple height positions by squeezing the two handles and either pulling up to raise it up and out or pushing down and back to lower. This allows you to easily adjust your VariDesk converter to your specific height setting.

We designed our patented rowing-lift for optimal posture, so you can lift up and back and leverage the strength in your lower body. While raising or lowering your desk, we suggest you bend from the waist and maintain a straight back. Our spring-assist will help you out.

For those lighter products, we used a straight up-and-down lift to keep a small footprint. We kept the product weight and weight limit light to keep the pressure off your back.

professional in office raising varidesk converter

Our electric standing desks and electric converter help you transition smoothly from sitting to standing with the simple press of a button. It is important to ensure that you are near a power outlet when setting up our electric standing desks and electric desktop converter.

You won't have to readjust your things when you completely lower your VariDesk® converter to sit. Please note that when using a desktop converter, when completely lowered, the bottom tier will be about ¾ inch above the surface of your desk—consider how this may affect your sitting posture.

overhead view of varidesk converter on existing desk with laptop and monitor

Almost all writing and computer desks are compatible with VariDesk converters. However, our desktop converters are not meant for glass-top desks. Always check the weight limit of your existing desk to make sure it can hold the VariDesk converter and all personal items.

You’ll find both written and video instructions on adjusting your monitor arms in our resource center. It’s quick and easy once you know how.

The Dual-Monitor Arm is fully articulating and allows for 360-degree positioning of your display screens. The Dual-Monitor Arm 180° only adjusts laterally, and the arms won’t swing past the rear edge of the desk, so it can be a better choice for those with desks that back up to a wall or to another desk.

Purchasing and Payment

We have customers around the globe. Find the perfect purchasing process for you.

Credit Card
You can pay with a credit card on the website or over the phone. If you have problems with a credit card payment, please call (800) 207-2587.

PayPal Online
You can pay through PayPal at checkout.

Affirm Online
You can pay through Affirm at checkout to buy now and pay later. To learn more, please see

Apple Pay
When you're using Safari on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you will see an additional option to use Apple Pay on the shopping cart page, prior to checkout.

To pay by invoice, please call (800) 207-2587.

We offer a bulk discount for orders with at least 10 products. Call our Customer Experience team at (800) 207-2587 or visit our Corporate Programs Page for more info.

We're required to charge sales tax in many states. You can check to see if your state’s sales tax is included in the checkout page, or you can call to confirm your state’s tax status.

Vari currently operates separate websites for purchasing in the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, and the United Kingdom. Orders placed on each of these websites can be shipped within that respective region. For example, an order for delivery to a Canada address may only be placed through the Vari Canada website. At the top of each website, you may select the appropriate shipping region and shop that region's selection. At this time, we do not ship orders across regions, nor to other areas of the world. However, we do have authorized distributors in some other geographies, which are also found in the selector at the top of the website.

If you are tax-exempt, please call to place your order. You won't be able to make a tax-exempt order without calling. If you have not provided your tax-exempt status to us before, please be prepared to email a copy of your certificate to the representative helping you. A credit card with tax-exempt status will not be enough to guarantee you are not charged tax.

We advise that you speak with a tax professional for an exact answer. If you're already claiming self-employment or home office deductions, you probably have a better chance of claiming a deduction for a standing desk.

Shipping, Returns, and Repairs

We ship to over 120 countries and have an industry-leading warranty. That's Vari.

There is no expedited shipping offered through the website. Call (800) 207-2587 to discuss expedited shipping possibilities.

At this time, we are not able to make exchanges—instead of exchanging, we will initiate a return and issue a refund for the original item once it’s returned to our warehouse. You can purchase the new product right away, or you can choose to wait for the refund from the first purchase.

Refund times are subject to change. However, we typically release funds back to your bank 5-7 business days after we receive the product back in our warehouse.

Please note that we may not have replacement parts available for all items either to sell or send to our fans.

Feel free to contact us for a warranty claim within the time stated for your warranty. We will either send a replacement part or full replacement, depending on the issue. We don't currently dispatch repair teams as we want to make it as simple as possible to get you back to work with a replacement.

Yes. Most "Open Box Products" are sold as-is and are not covered by any warranty or return policy. Any Electric Standing Desk in the open box program has a warranty of 90 days and coverage is limited to electrical components and legs. This excludes cosmetic defects. The return allowance for Electric Standing Desks in the open box program is 30 days from time of receipt (based on tracking showing delivery) and coverage limited to electrical components and legs. This excludes cosmetic defects.