In a Slump? Time to Stand Up

Helping people have happier, healthier workdays is the reason we created VariDesk®. That's why millions worldwide trust us to elevate their workspaces.

Professionals working with a Desktop Converter.

Sit-Stand Solutions

VariDesk® Converters
Turn any desk into a sit-stand desk
Mats, monitor arms, and more

The Simple Way to a Better Workday

Our VariDesk line of height-adjustable desktop converters set the industry standard for quality and customer satisfaction.

Get Happier and Healthier

Moving more and sitting less at work is good for your physical and emotional health.*

Be More Productive

Height-adjustable desk users can improve productivity by up to 46%.*

Feel More Comfortable

Using a standing desk can help relieve back pain and other issues caused by too much sitting.*