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Update Your Workspaces

With free design, free delivery, and free installation*, you can easily and affordably create full workspaces in days, not months.

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Don’t Lose Your Budget. Upgrade Your Office.

Now’s the time to take advantage of your end of financial year budget to refresh your workspaces. Vari® makes it easy to affordably transform your office.
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How to Work with Us

We have contracts, co-ops, and other partnerships that may result in a discount. Or, if you need help purchasing products through our B2B site, reach out to a Vari representative today.

Available through OMNIA Partners

Vari products are now available on OMNIA Partners, so you can enjoy the benefits of bulk savings, simple assembly, and direct delivery.

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Workspace Solutions

Flexible Furniture and Workspace Solutions

With our movable desks, walls, and other flexible furniture, Vari makes it easy to adjust workspaces as health guidelines change.
Electric Desks
Height-adjustable for sitting or standing.
Convert desktops into standing desks.
Create more distance between workstations.
Privacy Panels
Add easy-to-clean protection to workstations.
QuickFlex® Walls
Create defined spaces quickly and easily.
Marker Boards
Use as a panel to divide spaces.
Complete your workspace transformation.
Why Vari?

Why Vari?

Free Space Planning, Delivery, and Install*
We help manage your project so it’s easy, every step of the way.
Employee Health and Productivity
Why Employee Health and Productivity Matter

Studies show that employee health and productivity can be boosted through the use of Active Workspace™ solutions, like sit-stand desks. Consider that:

office workers in a cubicle with a vari sit-stand converter
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Learn how to easily and affordably transform a typical cubicle into a healthy, active workspace.

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