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Workspaces Are Changing. Are You Ready?

Whether you’re setting up teams to work from home or designing a safer workspace for those returning to the office, we have the simple, flexible solutions you need.

As your business adapts to the “new normal," flexibility is more important than ever. We’ve designed healthy, flexible workspaces for years, so let us put our expertise to work for you.

Safer By Design

Create a workspace that your teams can safely and confidently return to.

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post-covid layout of workspaces at Vari headquarters
pre-covid layout of workspaces at Vari headquarters

1) Increase Distance

Dense benching can be spaced by adding side tables and panels to allow for 6 ft. spacing

2) Break Up Open Offices

Add a layer of separation in shared spaces while maintaining natural light with clear QuickFlex Walls®

3) Create Private Spaces

QuickFlex Walls also allow for fully enclosed private offices for maximum privacy & protection

Returning to the Office

A guide to creating a healthy, productive workspace for your team.

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This Real Estate Company is Back in the Office and Better Than Ever

Shop Safer Workspaces

Desks and Side Tables
Create more distance between workstations
QuickFlex Walls®
Add barriers for more separation between spaces
Privacy Panels
Add easy-to-clean protection to workstations
Marker Boards
Roll easily into any space as temporary partitions

Optimize Your Workspace

Our workspace design team can create a free space plan for your office.
To see our flexible furniture solutions, visit one of our showrooms or get a guided virtual tour.
You can also always call (800) 221-7980 for more information.