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Elevate Learning with Standing Desks

A Smarter Solution

A Smarter Solution for Home-Based Learning

Physical activity—whether it’s team sports or playtime—has been linked to improved learning and health1. Yet, many children today remain sedentary while learning. As a result, children are missing the physical and mental benefits associated with moving more and sitting less. This is why sit-stand desks are a great option for increasing movement while learning. In fact, standing desks typically increase student engagement up to 15%.

Dr. Mark Benden, the director at the Center for Ergonomics at Texas A&M University, added that

“We are finding that with standing desks in schools, the children are more focused and more on task.”

To help combat sedentary behavior, Vari® has created high-quality, affordable, and research-based standing desk solutions to create healthier and happier learning environments. With fast and free shipping, it's easier than ever to improve your child’s learning experience.

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Benefits of Classroom Standing

The Research-Backed Benefits of Standing Desks

Children who have the freedom of movement while learning experience a whole host of benefits.
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