A Flexible Office for a Hybrid Work Model

Learn how LivaNova created flexible spaces to support a hybrid work model

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LivaNova is a global medical technology company delivering life-changing improvements for both the Head and Heart. The organization was built on decades of experience and a relentless commitment to provide hope for patients and their families. Today, LivaNova serves patients through the support of their 3,000 employees in more than 100 countries.

Business Challenge

Prior to COVID, LivaNova’s Houston office was growing so quickly it couldn’t add cubicles fast enough to keep up with the new hires. The building was at 97% capacity and increasing weekly. But when employees shifted to working from home, LivaNova needed to rethink office life and how best to utilize their space. Like many companies, they adopted a hybrid work model with most employees doing a mix of working from home and working in the office. The new space needed to reflect that flexibility while also supporting one of the Company's key values: Collaborative Culture.


Needing a fast answer to their workspace challenge, LivaNova turned to Vari to help them design, deliver, and install their space. Working together with the Vari team of in-house workspace designers, LivaNova designed a hybrid meeting space that offers a collaboration space for teams, groups, or even individuals to meet in a non-traditional, fun, relaxing, environment. Employees may continue working from home, but teams now have a place to meet in person for projects, training, or even events. The LivaNova facilities team provides employees or teams different meeting configuration options they can choose from depending on their needs and because Vari furniture is designed to adapt, it’s easy for them to reconfigure the space.

The Result

Another LivaNova value is “Act with Agility” and the new workspace is the perfect example of this value in action. This hybrid space allows them to maximize their in-person time together to foster collaboration. The office design supports this with QuickFlex Walls® that create meeting spaces today. The QuickFlex Walls are modular so they can be moved and reconfigured tomorrow. With sit-stand desks doubling as either individual workstations or arranged in a classroom setting, they have the flexibility to adapt to their employees’ needs. So instead of returning to an office full of cubicles that can’t be moved, LivaNova has a workspace that is truly future proof. In fact, after attending meetings in Houston, the leadership team over the European region decided to fulfill their own needs for smart uses of space similarly.

Business Challenge
Create a flexible meeting and workspace to supports their hybrid work model.
Houston, TX
Space Available
1,800 sq ft.
Types of Spaces
Benched Workspaces
Training Space
Casual Meeting Area
Services Provided
Space Planning
Site Clean Up
A flexible space that can easily change to support in-person meetings.
Common spaces for comfort and collaboration
Modular QuickFlex Walls® create interior rooms and private offices
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