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Create the Spaces You Need. Simply.

Introducing new QuickFlex Walls® from Vari®

For Spaces that Adapt to Your Business

With QuickFlex Walls, you can create defined spaces, private offices, freestanding partitions, focused work areas, or flexible conference rooms within your existing space with almost no downtime. Whether you, your client, or your tenant need to set up a temporary training room, add a new office, or move the boundaries between departments as teams grow, the QuickFlex Walls system takes the stress out of shaping your space.

You'll never get stuck with a layout you don't love, no matter how many times it needs to change to make your space work. You can set up, break down, and reassemble areas dozens or even hundreds of times with no additional costs, construction crews, or long waiting times—just the spaces you need when you need them.

Simply Healthier

QuickFlex Walls® make it easy to add separation and protection for the entire office, including single workstations and benching systems.


No longer are you restricted to the drywall and structural elements of your building. Now you can add rooms or divide spaces as your teams grow or your business changes. Plus, you can mix and match panel finishes to include clear, frosted, and Marker Board to flexibly create the look that’s right for you.

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Do More with Moveable Walls

Find out how QuickFlex Walls can work for you.

Quick Setup with
No Special Tools or
Professional Crew

office professional installs wall panel without difficulty
two office professionals install wall panel together to create private office

Movable and Storable to Flex with Your Business Needs

Patent-Pending Quick-Locking System for Installations that Take Minutes, Not Days

office professional employs the quick lock at the top of the panel to install wall
closeup of installed aluminum wall base with stability plate and clean lines

Heavy-Duty Aluminum Frame for Sturdy, Solid Construction That's Still Light Enough to Move

Writable Tempered Glass Surface for More Collaborative Meetings and Better Brainstorms

professional in a meeting illustrates her business plan on a whitboard tempered glass panel
closeup of installed alluminum wall with stability base to place QuickFlex walls close to existing walls

Create Spaces That Don't Require Permits