Speedy Installation Aids Fast-Growing Non-Profit

Learn how Vari was able to take Minnesota Freedom Fund from initial contact to installation in six weeks.

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The Minnesota Freedom Fund is an outreach organization which provides relief to underserved communities. Their primary goal is to provide bail money and bonds to the under-represented in their communities. 

In 2020, their organization became a focal point of media coverage in the wake of the killing of George Floyd. They were able to raise over $20 million in donations to expand their programs and outreach capacity. Because of such rapid growth, they needed to furnish their facilities to accommodate new additions to the organization.

Through their own internal research, they selected Vari to help them design and expand their workspace to meet the increased demand for their services and outreach programs. When selecting Vari as their workspace furnishings provider, they took into account the fact that Vari prioritized giving and community service in their corporate strategy.

Business Challenge

The most immediate and obvious challenge for Minnesota Freedom Fund was to find a workspace furnishings solution that could be implemented quickly and expertly. The rapid growth of the organization meant that installation would need to be expedited. 

As the client had already vetted the company, the most important keys to implementing this installation were the issues of time, efficiency, flexibility and inventory. Minnesota Freedom Fund worked quickly with our team to identify the setup and features that they needed to serve their needs. That meant that Vari would need to be able to meet those demands in a timely fashion.

Minnesota Freedom Fund
Business Challenge
A remodel to accomodate growth with a quick turnaround
Minneapolis, MN
Space Available
3,245 sq ft.
Services Provided
Space Planning
Product Storage
Site Clean Up
A space plan to accommodate new additions to the organization

Because of Vari products, they were able to create new office spaces for employees in less than a month.


After Vari National Sales Executives Stephanie Belongia and Adam Middleton flew to Minneapolis to meet with the organization and devise a workspace strategy, it was made clear to the project managers and operations teams working on this installation that speed was essential. The project was prioritized to ensure the client’s needs were met on their timeline.

Quick Flex Walls were essential in the speedy deployment and installation on this project. Because of the agility of the Quick Flex Walls, along with the other Vari products included in their workspace plan, they were able to create new office spaces for employees in less than a month. 

The Result

With a time span of six weeks from initial contact with the client to implementation at their facility, Vari was able to meet their needs in the expedited time frame. 

The workspace design for Minnesota Freedom Fund also included the “three Cs” concept for which Vari has become known – collaboration, community and concentration. This means that the organization was provided with areas in which to brainstorm, work as a team and also have the space and privacy for employees to focus on the projects at hand.

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