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While online training does bring everyone together virtually, there is unmistakable value in bringing your teams physically together to collaborate and learn with one another. And now that more people are returning to the office, this is the perfect time to safely reengage with your team members in person.  

Let’s explore a few of the reasons as to why in-person training is so beneficial to building your teams.  

1. It Provides a Hands-on Experience 

By being present with instructors and colleagues, there’s greater opportunity for interaction. With online learning, it can be challenging for attendees to get all their questions in or interact with each other. But in-person training provides a forum for greater discussions with the trainer and amongst team members. It also helps build personal relationships, something that can be challenging with online learning. 

2. It Provides Structure and Organization 

With online learning, it can be challenging to keep everyone’s attention in an online meeting and keep everyone on the same track. In fact, with virtual learning, you may not be sure that everyone is engaged. Instead, by presenting a schedule at the beginning of the day that attendees can follow, you can ensure a captive audience through a well-organized and structured event since attendees will know what to expect.

3. It Provides Face-to-Face Interaction

With face-to-face interaction, trainers can see how well interactions are going and better gauge whether or not students are grasping the subject matter. Plus, trainers can view how well team members are interacting with each other within a group setting or activity, which is especially important if group interaction is a core requirement of the training.

4. It Provides Fewer Distractions

With online learning, there are a number of distractions that can come into play with attendees. For example, it may be tempting to check your phone or email while you’re in an online training. But with in-person training, you can ensure engagement by asking your attendees to put their phones and computers aside while training is in session and you can visually see if they do so.

5. It Enables Individual Attention to Participant Needs 

If learners are struggling to grasp concepts or the subject matter at hand, you can individually work with them to ensure knowledge transfer. Often, with online learning, you won’t be able to gauge when there are individuals that need additional support. Learners may not speak up if they need help when online. But if you can observe and look for those participants that need additional support, you can ensure the entire class is on same page. 

As we’ve outlined, in-person training is ideal if you’re ready to bring your teams back to learn. If you need to create temporary training spaces, we have the products you need to easily reconfigure a space for training. When you’re not using a space for training, you can easily nest and store our products when they’re not in use. From training tables to seating and privacy panels, we have the flexible furniture you need to create safe training spaces.