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open office layout of vari products with privacy booths

When visitors come to tour our office, our pioneering spirit and high energy greet them at the door. Here, our visitors see teams working together and thinking on their feet – energized and inspired by our Active Workspace™.

We know that with every order shipped, we’re helping another fan with their pinch points, whether it’s back pains or growing pains. The office of the future is adaptable, and we’re proud to be on the cutting edge.

As we’ve developed our own Active Workspace, we created the products we needed to make it work. When we moved into what is now our headquarters in Coppell, TX, we ripped out all but the most necessary drywall (only enclosing the bathrooms, gym, etc.) and exposed the ceiling supports and air ducts. We wanted to take advantage of the natural light and the open headspace, so we designed our QuickFlex Walls®. Not only do they function beautifully in our space, but we enjoy the freedom to change our floorplan as often as our growth demands.

We’re glad to have that freedom: In 2018, we had over 8 internal moves affecting over 7 departments. We change out walls and swap out desks, making room for new hires and restructuring for efficiency. We refer to our headquarters as our “living, breathing showroom,” but we aren’t just talking about the upbeat employees (over 75% of which are millennials); the office itself feels alive as it expands and transforms.

Request a tour of our headquarters in Coppell, TX or watch this tour of our office to experience the happier, healthier, and more productive Vari workspace.