Vari® Donates $8 Million in Furniture to Help Elevate Nonprofits

Since 2018, Vari's award-winning community giving program has had a mission to make a positive impact in our communities. The program's goal is to alleviate operational costs to help nonprofits focus funds where they matter most.

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Vari® hit a milestone in its mission to make a positive impact on its communities – the donation of $8 million worth of furniture to U.S. nonprofit organizations. 

On average, office furniture and other overhead expenses typically account for 20%-35% of a nonprofit’s total budget. Reducing that cost means more funds can go to furthering their missions. For Make-a-Wish, for example, Vari’s product donation helped fulfill an additional 48 wishes. 

“Giving back has been in our company DNA from day one,” said Jason McCann, CEO and co-founder of workspace innovation company Vari. “Sometimes products would be returned in new condition, and we knew there had to be a better way – a solution to leverage this resource and create change. In 2018, we officially created the Vari Community Giving program as a way to not only support the communities around us but to reduce our environmental footprint.”

The 10-year-old company has donated furniture to nonprofits including the American Heart Association, Boys and Girls Club, Feeding America, Make-A-Wish, and United Way.

“We were fully prepared to operate on a startup budget, salvaging previously used office and classroom furniture,” said Aventura Community School founder, Natiale Morosi, Ed. D. “Instead, our staff has new flexible working areas and students have classrooms that encourage collaboration.”

Elevating Communities

In the largest donation to date, Vari provided more than half a million dollars’ worth of furniture and design services to Metrocrest Services, which is building a new facility in response to a growing community need. The nonprofit specializes in helping individuals, families, and seniors navigate through crisis situations and work to stabilize their lives for a brighter future. 

“Metrocrest Services benefits not only in terms of receiving this generous donation, but most importantly, from the expertise Vari has offered to us,” said Metrocrest CEO Tracy Eubanks.  

Over the years, Vari Community Giving donations have benefited nonprofits including The DEC at Redbird, the J.J. Barea Foundation, Mesa Arts Academy, North Texas Food Bank, and St. Luke’s Community House. Boys Town received $470,000 worth of furniture to support its facilities. 

“With this generous donation, our new, state-of-the-art education center will be a comfortable and efficient learning environment for every child,” said Rod Kempkes, CEO of Boys Town. “Effective learning spaces support the important work of helping our boys and girls develop into responsible, productive citizens.” 

Environmental Impact: Reusing and Reducing Waste

According to the EPA, Americans throw out more than 12 million tons of furniture every year. Reusing furniture extends the life cycle of the product. Donations to nonprofits ensure furniture bypasses the landfill, which reduces its environmental impact.

Creating a specific focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) improvement has become a vital part of Vari’s strategy. The company published its first ESG Report earlier this year. The Vari Community Giving Program plays a key role by giving returned furniture new life.

Since 2018, Vari’s award-winning charitable giving program has had a mission to elevate our communities. The Vari Community Giving program's goal is to alleviate operational costs to help nonprofits focus funds where they matter most.