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With the new normal has come a set of unique challenges we never expected to face. But, because Vari has been designing products with flexibility in mind from the beginning, we’ve made it easier for companies to adapt their workspaces despite the demands and changes that have been presented by COVID-19.

In this article, we’ll briefly outline how we design high-quality products with flexibility in mind, which in turn helps our customers easily make adjustments to their workspaces.

pre-pandemic high density company layout

Before: A pre-pandemic, high density company layout

First and foremost, we take a human centered design approach to product development, according to the VP of Product Design at Vari, David Patton. In essence, this means that we put primary importance on how a human being will interact with and use our products. This includes everything from how easy it is to assemble a product to how it’s used daily.

And it’s more than just how a product looks and feels. “It’s about their emotional experience with our products,” Patton said. “It’s about more than just cost.”

The next step in creating flexible products is that we design and develop here in Coppell, Texas. This allows us to closely monitor user feedback and quickly iterate products in our design studio. Plus, we often test products in our headquarters, which doubles as a showroom. It also enables us to get products to market much faster.

In addition to gathering feedback during the product development process, we also continue to listen to feedback from customers as we improve our products. “I would say that even early on and still to this day, we learned that listening to our customers is what really made us successful and continues to make us successful to this day,” Patton added.

low density socially distant company layout

After: A low density, socially distant company layout

Another element to making flexible products is that ours are built to last. Because we know our products will be used for years to come due to their flexibility, we ensure that they are built with quality materials in order to ensure longevity.

We understand that adapting to change is now more important than ever. Because we design and develop with flexibility in mind, our products can help you adjust to the kind of conditions we are experiencing now and into the future. That means you can even repurpose Vari products to use in your space differently, such as using QuickFlex Walls® to divide open spaces and mobile markerboards to provide barriers to help limit the spread of airborne particles. Or, easily add side tables to increase distance between workstations.