QuickFlex Cubes™ Bundles

Preconfigured packs of QuickFlex Cubes™ for 2-6 people that create a quick and easy purchasing process.

preconfigured quickflex cubes bundle
6 Products
6 Products
mist gray color swatch
mist gray color swatch
mist gray color swatch
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quickflex cubes wall panel with power installed and plugged in with hardware

Power Up

Power sources can be integrated into QuickFlex Cubes™ with a simple plug and-play solution.

Looking for a customized QuickFlex Cubes™ solution?

Each part of the QuickFlex Cubes™ system helps build infinite possibilities for your team setup. Mix and match the L, T, X-shape connectors and power to make the cubicle system that best fits your space. Reach out to our Team to see what can be configured for you.

cubicles divided into four individual workstations