Privacy at Work

Find your quiet space inside our comfortable and well-lit Privacy Booth.

professional entering privacy booth
Easy to Assemble

Easy to Assemble

Quickly create a quiet space by assembling the Privacy Booth with just 2 people. Also, rolling casters make it easy to move when needed.

assembling a vari privacy booth

Work in Private

Create a comfortable, private space for focused work.

vari privacy booth in office setting with door closed


Sound Management

With a sound-dampening felt lining and glass door, you can privately make phone or video calls.


Lighting and Ventilation

With a frosted, acrylic skylight that adds ambient lighting and a fan for ventilation, it’s always bright and comfortable inside.

view of ventilation and lighting system from inside the privacy booth
mobile phone charging in USB power outlet within the vari privacy booth


Power Management

The Privacy Booth has the power you need with its 2 AC outlets and 2 USB ports to charge your phone or laptop while you work.


Integrated Lighting

Energy-efficient LED lights provide the perfect amount of task lighting to get work done.

inside the vari privacy booth, integrated lighting is shown coming from panel
vari privacy booth with door closed in office setting


Quick Assembly

The Privacy Booth can be assembled in 20 minutes or less by 2 people.


View Our Booth Wrapping Process