professional working in vari privacy booth

Wrap Up the Year with a Custom Privacy Booth

Breathe new life into your office by wrapping a Vari® Privacy Booth with your branding.


Provide Your Office with a Pop of Color and Privacy

Wrap a Vari Privacy Booth with your branding and create the perfect private retreat within your office.

animation showing four vari privacy booths appearing in a variety of colors and patterns

How It Works

Complete your office project before Dec. 31st, 2020 and receive a free booth wrap and/or discounted Privacy Booth. Contact your Vari Workspace Expert today to choose your design and add your company colors*.

<$30,000 PROJECT




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Privacy at Work

Create a comfortable, private space for focused work.

vari privacy booth in office setting with door closed


Sound Management

With a sound-dampening felt lining and glass door, you can privately make calls or focus on work.


Lighting and Ventilation

With a glass skylight that adds ambient lighting and a fan for ventilation, the privacy booth provides a comfortable setting for focused work.

overhead view of the vari privacy booth in an office setting
mobile phone charging in USB power outlet within the vari privacy booth


Power Management

The privacy booth has the power you need with its two AC outlets and two USB ports.


Task Lamp Included

To provide additional lighting, we've included a free Vari® Task Lamp when you purchase a privacy booth.

inside the vari privacy booth, power outlet and vari task lamp are shown
two individuals assemble the vari privacy booth in an office setting


Assembled in 15 Minutes or Less

Requiring just two people, the Privacy Booth can be assembled in 15 minutes or less. It can also easily be moved as needed.

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