vari electric standing desk in use

Best-in-Class Electric Standing Desks

An incredibly stable, high-quality standing desk that assembles in minutes.*

Better Workspace

A Better Workspace, Made Simple

We know your workspace matters, so we created the the highest quality, most stable, and easiest-to-assemble Electric Standing Desk for any office. Vari® Electric Standing Desks are easy to put together, easy to use, and easy to fit to your individual workday. They're available in 3 desktop sizes (48", 60" and 72") to accommodate any workspace. Add more flexibility to your day with an electric adjustable-height desk that makes it easy to go from sitting to standing for happier, healthier, more productive work.

vari electric standing desk in use
Different By Design

Built to Last

Made with heavy-duty steel and having undergone rigorous testing, our electric standing desks are built-to-last.

T-Style legs

Enhanced Stability

T-Style Legs

The Electric Standing Desk sits on a sturdy frame and includes T-Style legs for stability.

Easy Assembly

Assemble in Minutes

Our easy-to-attach legs have a patent-pending design that lets you assemble this desk in under 5 minutes with no special or complicated tools. This makes it easier to change or reconfigure your space as your needs change.

vari electric standing desk being assembled
electric standing desk chamfered edges

Built to Last

Durable Laminate Finish

Our desktop features a durable, laminate finish that's easy to clean and chamfered edges.

Simple Adjustment

Programmable Height Settings

Our control panel with 4 programmable memory presets makes it easy to adjust to any height between 25” and 50.5”.

memory presets being used on a control panel of a vari electric standing desk
vari electric standing desk in a workspace setting

Incredible Value

Quality Products

We've created an easy-to-use, contract-quality Electric Standing Desk and we back it with our limited 5-year warranty so you can be confident in your purchase. We even offer free 30-day returns so if you don't love it for any reason, you can return it.

The Vari Advantage

The Vari Advantage

Every time you buy a Vari product, you get quality, convenience, and a risk-free purchase you can feel good about.

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