Maximize Your Desk's Potential: Top Features to Look for in a Converter

Discover the features you should look for in a desktop converter

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It was not long after Dr. James Levine with the Mayo Clinic published his article coining the term, "sitting disease" that the original desktop converter hit the scene. This innovation in sit-stand working produced positive outcomes and created change in the workplace that lives on to this day. If you haven't heard of standing desk converters, desktop risers, or sit-stand desks it's okay. If you are considering purchasing one, read on to discover the things you should look for in your desktop converter.


Desktop converters are an easy way to gain the benefits of sit-stand work without having to buy a whole new desk. Standing desk converters are generally easy to assemble. Vari's converters can be used right out of the box or require very little assembly so, they provide the simplest option for most.

Height Range

People come in many different shapes and sizes. That's why it is important that your sit-stand desk converter has a good height range to accommodate you. A better range of height gives you the option to customize the desk to your preferred ergonomic position, reducing strain on the back, neck, and shoulders. If you are tall and want to make sure the converter will work for you, add the maximum, extended height of the converter to the height of your desk, table, or cubicle worksurface.

Weight Capacity

Your desktop converter will help you make more efficient use of your workstation. That generally means that things that were normally on your desk will now be able to live on your desktop converter. You will want your converter to have a good weight limit so that all your monitors, laptop, keyboard, and other needed items will be upheld.


It is not only important that you know the size of the converter that you are considering, but you also need to know the size of the desk space that you have. Allowing the recommended amount of space for the converter ensure that you can use it safely and effectively. While most desktop converters require a larger desk depth, Vari sit-stand converters only require a minimum of 18" for more economical use of space.


Since your desktop converter will be used at its lowest and highest height settings it is important that you can rely on a stable lift and that it will remain sturdy no matter what height you are working at. Some products may require you to bolt or clamp them to your desk to prevent tipping so look for one that has a weight base and good lateral stability.

If you need a great place to start looking for a standing desk converter then, check out The New York Magazine Strategist article where Vari was named the best overall standing desk converter "The 8 Very Best Standing-Desk Converters". If you want to find the right converter to fit your space explore the VariDesk Find Your Fit Quiz, now.

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