Think Outside the Box With QuickFlex Cubes™ From Vari®

The way we work has changed; it’s time for cubicles to change, too. Introducing QuickFlex Cubes™ from Vari®. These light, interlocking panels and connectors allow you to quickly add workstation privacy, collaboration hubs, focus pods, and more without the hassle or expense of old-fashioned cubicles.

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Privacy for "heads down" or "focus work" has always been a need in the office. However, designers and organizations can struggle to find the right balance between the open office plan and cubicles. The workplace has had a love-hate relationship with cubicles. People love privacy and personal space, but anyone responsible for buying, moving, or managing cubicles will hate the hassle.

Traditional cubicles–sometimes called systems furniture, partitions, or space dividers–have their own challenges. Cubicles are typically expensive and require a long, complicated assembly process. That's why Vari has reimagined the cubicle with QuickFlex Cubes™. This patent-pending design features light, interlocking panels and connectors that allow you to quickly add workstation privacy, collaboration hubs, focus pods, and more.


Unlike traditional cubicle systems that can require hundreds of individual parts, QuickFlex Cubes™ are remarkably simple. With one-piece panels and easy-to-assemble L, T, and X connectors, QuickFlex Cubes™ can be configured and customized in an unlimited number of ways. There are no complicated quotes, long lists of parts, or proprietary tools required.


QuickFlex Cubes™ assemble in a fraction of the time of traditional cubicles. This is due to the patent-pending design that locks together without needing special tools or screws. Just slide and lock panels and connectors together like building blocks to quickly create the spaces you need. And with Vari workspace design and installation services, you can have your office fully furnished in less than 30 days.


Once assembled, traditional cubes are hard to move or change, often requiring additional labor costs and sometimes even permits for power changes. QuickFlex Cubes™ are designed for change. With easy assembly and plug-and-play power options, QuickFlex Cubes™ can be reconfigured or expanded as needed.