Shared Home Office Inspiration

Ideas for comfortable and productive shared home workspaces

5 minute read

Yes, working from home is nice. But when you have a partner or kids who also need a place to work at home, it's different. Whether you have a remote job, a hybrid office schedule, or need a spot for your kids to study, your home is your family's headquarters. In fact, you may already have a home coworking space under your roof. So, setting up a shared home office or the family workspace is worth exploring, but where do you start?

Here are some inspiration space ideas for creating a place where everyone can be comfortable and productive.

The Home Office for Two

Sharing a home office usually means sharing a desk. But what if you need to work at the same time? No one deserves getting kicked to the couch for a zoom call when you have dedicated desks. Plus, you can organize your work surface just the way you want. (Yes, even that unapologetically, large bobble-head collection.)

The Homework Hangout

Giving students a place where they can do their homework can improve their afterschool time and setting the table for dinner. Besides, the kitchen table is for eating dinner not studying frog dissection. Making it a shared space also means not having desks in your kids' bedrooms which can help keep the pressures of school away from their personal space. Partitions can help define the space and hold productivity accessories like pens and a whiteboard to plan the week.

The Crafting Studio

Scrapbooking, sewing, weaving baskets out of old shoelaces - whatever the craft, you need space to do it. Being able to switch from sitting to standing, also helps you do it longer and more comfortably. Planning for organization and storage can help keep the space clutter free so you're ready when inspiration strikes.

The Hybrid Office

Working from home part of the time is more productive and comfortable with a designated workspace including your own desk. Have the choice of a traditional desk or one that adjusts in height lets you work the way you want. Options for sitting include ergonomic comfort and active seating that serves as a stool or a standing perch.

Once you decide on the type of space you want and set it up, there are still some tips to help set up and work in your new shared home office.

1.Plan your office hours

When you're sharing a home office with someone else, it's important to schedule times for phone calls and video conferences to avoid disrupting each other's work. This will also help you be mindful of your volume and be respectful of your partner's work environment. You don't want to be that person who interrupts their partner's Zoom call with a loud "HEY, DO WE HAVE ANY MORE COFFEE?"

2.Remember the storage

More people, more clutter, right? It's a slippery slope. Good storage and organization can make our shared home office an oasis. Storage or file cabinets give you a place to put those important documents or hide those afternoon chocolates. Rolling casters make cabinets easy to move and interior trays and dividers make it possible to share space inside the drawers too.

3.Furnish for flexibility

As we know, remote work needs can change. Maybe you spend more time in the office or decide you need space for a house guest and want to make room in your home office. With desks that are easy to assemble and move, you can easily store one in a closet or under a bed if you don't need it right now.