Vari is adding on to its line of simple, creative office solutions with the all-new Marker Boards.

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October 22, 2018

Vari is adding on to its line of simple, creative office solutions with the all-new Marker Boards. These sleek, double-sided, glass white boards offer the same hassle-free, user-friendly experience consumers come to expect from the adjustable desk company.

The Marker Boards come in two sizes, 40x72 inches and 48x76 inches and two frame colors, so every office should have a perfect fit. With fully writable and magnetic surfaces, it’s easy to collaborate and plan and then move the board to share or store ideas.

These flexible Marker Boards are the perfect solution for adaptable open offices. While they’re easy to turn to in a meeting or brainstorm session, they’re also ideal freestanding partitions for creating defined spaces. Its roll-and-lock casters and vertical orientation make it easy to slide it from a conference room to an individual workspace and back again.

Each board includes several thoughtful accessories, including nine magnets (three of each of the three designs), a magnetic straight edge for precision, and an accessory holder for dry erase markers and an eraser.

Each board comes almost full-assembled, just screw in the feet and it’s ready to roll.

The boards range in price from $595 for the 40x72 size to $795 for the 48x76 size.