Flexible Design Ideas For Your Office

With office spaces being redesigned, here is a guide with three key focus points informing in the future of office design.

10 Minutes

It's time to redefine your workplace with a future-orientated office design.

The purpose of office spaces are being redefined thanks to a series of societal shifts. From the COVID19 pandemic to the Great Resignation and an economy in crisis, the way we think about office design has changed and so too have our desires for the place where we spend much of our time.

Hybrid models have also changed the way office spaces are used by teams and shifted the dynamics of work. Updating your office will help ensure that your team can be inspired and productive, by creating a place for community and collaboration. Modern workplace design must be flexible and adaptable to promote physical and mental well-being.

Since 2020, our in-house Workspace Design Team has created thousands of designs for clients trying to adapt their offices for the "new way to work". Through this process we have identified three core concepts for the future office design.

1.Flexibility First

2.Well-being & Comfort

3.Collaboration is Key

This guide breaks down each trend and provides design approaches that can be scaled to improve workspaces of all sizes.

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