Give your loved ones the gift of an active workspace this holiday season with our accessories line. This post outlines three accessories from the line that make wonderful presents.

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This holiday season, give your loved ones the gift of an active workspace with Vari® accessories. Our line of accessories offers a range of products that are budget friendly and allow the user to stay active and organized while working.


The Vari PowerHub is a simple way to charge multiple devices at once, all in one place.

Simply clamp the PowerHub to the edge of a desk or table, tighten it and then plug it in to a wall outlet!

With a surge protector, three AC outlets and two USB ports, the PowerHub keeps any active workspace energized and organized so you can power through your day, every day.

Learn more about the Vari PowerHub.

Active Seat

One of our bestselling accessories, the Active Seat allows the user to stay active and engaged while seated.

Designed to engage the user’s leg, back and core muscles, the Active Seat gives you the freedom to move throughout the day while either sitting or leaning.

Finally, the cushioned seat moves with the user on an articulating pedestal to offer a range of motion.

Learn more about Active Seat.

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