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September 20, 2017 | Jason McCann, CEO, VARI

Over the years, I have talked to thousands of organizations and individuals that purchase Vari products. What I found to be true, which was no surprise, is people care deeply about the well-being of their employees. What is also becoming apparent are the tangible and intangible benefits an active workspace can have compared to a traditional office environment.

Organizations that adopt active workspaces are seeing their entire culture shift as collaboration and creativity are replacing more siloed thinking and work styles. When you consider that when employees are out for health reasons, small businesses see a 40 percent drop in productivity and larger ones see a 29 percent decline*, wellness starts to make real business sense. Individuals and organizations that adopt active workspaces are becoming happier, healthier and more productive, which ultimately gives them a serious competitive edge.

It was this kind of thinking that drew Jabez LeBret, contributor at Forbes, to schedule his recent visit to the Vari office. He wanted to experience how Vari is helping to lead the active workspace revolution, and what better way than to visit our living, breathing showroom – our headquarters – which is quickly becoming a model for companies across the globe?

When Jabez and I walked through our headquarters in Coppell, TX, he quickly noticed that we practice what we preach. The Vari office is an active workspace laboratory where we create, test and perfect current and future products. Also, since we ourselves are working in an active workspace, our employees are engaged, they’re collaborative, they’re focused and they’re driven. As Jabez learned while he was here, the level of engagement and activity at Vari is no accident - it is all by design.

What he also found evident is how much we care about our Vari fans. Everything we do – from offering world class customer service to continually improving our products – is driven by the goal of providing them with the best possible experience. For example, the ProPlus 36™, our most popular product, has gone through over 25 changes and adjustments. From a bottom-line perspective, these kinds of improvements come at a cost. But, this is just our way - why stop when you can keep getting better?

I really enjoyed my day with Forbes and am always more than happy to tell the Vari story to new fans. We work at a truly special place, and I can’t wait to continue sharing the difference an active workspace can make for the next generation of workers.

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