Elevating the Space of a Growing Business

Learn how Spartan Race overcame obstacles to create an active workspace for their employees.

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Spartan Race is the premier obstacle course race and corporate wellness company with 250+ annual events across 42+ countries. They renovated their downtown Boston headquarters to meet their needs for growth and designed their office to encourage movement and activity throughout the day.

Business Challenge

Spartan's home is the top three floors of one of Boston's historic "skyscrapers" in the financial area. After a period of rapid growth, they needed to renovate their headquarters to accommodate more employees. Their space was dark, cramped, and limited the ability for teams to meet and collaborate. Their goal was to create a healthy, collaborative workspace that would help to attract new talent and engage current employees.

Spartan Race
Business Challenge
Outgrowing Current Office Space
Boston, MA
Space Available
16,000 sq ft.
Price Per Sq. Ft.
Services Provided
Space Planning
Product Storage
Site Clean Up
A sleek, modern look with coordinated furniture and accessories that promote a more active, adaptable workspace.
A space plan to help maximize square footage and improve collaboration.

“I think it lifted everyone's spirits…They're spending most of their life in the office, so let's make it interesting, fun, and comfortable.”


Spartan worked with the Vari® workspace design team to create a space plan that provided areas for both collaboration and focus work while increasing density to adapt to their growth. Our Electric Standing Desks ensured workstations promoted healthy movement and our full furniture collection including conference tables, seating, lighting, storage, and movable walls meant they could adapt and change their office down the road.

The Result

The new Spartan office is bright, open, and inviting. “I think it lifted everyone's spirits…They're spending most of their life in the office, so let's make it interesting, fun, and comfortable," Spartan CEO Joe De Sena remarked on the success of the install. By pairing privacy panels with desks that are 48 inches wide, they're able to maximize density while providing each employee with enough personal space. Rolling conference tables serve as casual meeting space but can also be rolled aside for yoga or an impromptu group workout. Employees enjoy the ability to stand while working and the Spartan leadership team appreciates the impact their new office has on recruitment. Evan G., Sr. Director of QC & Innovation, summed it up by saying, "We're going to be able to get the best talent out there because it feels like the best workspace available."

An open office that maintains privacy
Flexible, collaborative meeting spaces
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