Creating a Safe, Flexible Workspace

Learn how University Health worked with Vari to create a safe, future-proof workspace.

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As one of the largest employers in San Antonio, with more than 9,000 employees, University Health is a fast-growing organization in a fast-growing region. They have been constantly adapting to changes and implementing best business practices to achieve a work environment that is safe, efficient, and comfortable so that all staff members can do their best in support of this important mission.

University Health
Business Challenge
Furnish a large space during the COVID-19 pandemic.
San Antonio, TX
Space Available
Approx. 88,000 sq. ft.
Price Per Sq. Ft.
Services Provided
Space Planning
Site Clean Up
A workspace that employees can safely return to and that will adapt as their needs change.

Business Challenge

As University Health continues to grow and expand the services they offer, they purchased 2 buildings within a 3.2 million square foot business complex in University Park. Their challenge came in finding a way to furnish this massive space, during the COVID-19 pandemic, that was both adaptable and expandable, while still offering the privacy required of a healthcare company.

QuickFlex Walls® provide separation and privacy to break up the open plan.

“What we like about the flexibility of the spaces is that we know some of our departments are going to grow. We’re a growing organization...”


Vari worked with University Health to create a custom-designed workspace plan, which allowed the flexibility University Health sought to meet the needs associated with their growth as a company.

The Result

With the opening of the first of 2 buildings on the new campus, University Health leadership and Human Resources have praised the products and design provided by Vari as striking the perfect balance of flexibility and speed while still preserving the privacy and security required of their business. This is in direct response to the company’s growth goals through 2021 and beyond.

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