Flexible Furniture Aids Growing Business

Learn how DuraServ worked with Vari to design socially-distanced workspaces for their new office space.

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DuraServ is a leading service provider in the loading dock, door, and equipment industry, delivering service on a national scale to customers with large facilities, often in multiple locations, across the United States and in Canada.

Business Challenge

As a high-growth business, DuraServ quickly outgrew its office location. As their company grew, new workstations were added where space allowed so teams were spread out and not organized by department. CEO David Iliff was excited to use this opportunity to bring to life an office that is much more modern than his industry counterparts. But, just as the company was ready to move into their new space, COVID-19 suddenly required a new type of workspace and the agreed-on space plan needed to change.

A space plan to help create socially-distanced workspaces.
Carrollton, TX
Installation Date
Space Available
17,706 sq ft.
Price Per Sq. Ft.

“It went really well and our interaction with Vari’s customer service was smooth.”


Vari worked with the DuraServ team and quickly came in with an alternative, distance-based design to accommodate the new reality.

The Result

Because Iliff had a large training and development area he had planned for, he was able to convert the meeting space to accommodate socially distant workspaces with flexible furniture from Vari. As a result, Iliff was able to make the adjustments needed to bring back his workforce, especially since Vari quickly reconfigured the final space plan to adjust for COVID-19. With plenty of inventory in stock and ready to ship the next business day, Vari was ready to aid Iliff in quickly getting his office ready for his employees to return, even during a pandemic. “It was flawless,” Iliff said. “It went really well and our interaction with Vari’s customer service was smooth.”

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