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Like many facility managers, you may be wondering if standing desks would be a welcome addition to your workspace. This is a decision that you may find difficult to make. After all, it affects dozens or even hundreds of people who rely on you to run a smooth operation. Purchasing standing desks for your office means justifying the expense, coordinating delivery, dealing with setup and training personnel on how to use them properly. To help ease the burden of this decision, we have compiled a list of 5 reasons why adding standing desks to your office is the absolute right decision.

1. Standing Desks = More Movement = Happier Employees

No matter how productive your office may be, there are always opportunities to boost its efficiency and output. The engine behind efficiency is the overall happiness of your company’s employees, and of core importance to happiness is physical activity. There are plenty of good reasons for this. Physical activity improves mood, regulates sleep patterns, and reduces anxiety – all of which lead to increased mental clarity. In fact, exercise literally changes the brain in ways that promote memory and thinking skills. The use of a standing desk during work hours is an easy way to incorporate moderate physical activity into the lives of employees.

2. Standing Desks Are Easy to Set Up

In the past, standing desks were viewed as veritable outcasts in the office furniture world. They were difficult to find, hard to assemble and were perceived as unconventional. Recently that perception has been reversed and now simple models that require little to no assembly and convert current desks into sit/stand workstations are easily available. As a result, large companies, high school classrooms and even the White House are promoting the adoption of active offices and are equipping their workspaces with standing desks.

3. Standing Desks Are Affordable

As innovations continue to occur in the standing desk market, you can now purchase a variety of sit/stand desk solutions for an affordable price. More importantly, standing desks help to build a non-sedentary work environment. This could help diminish health care costs, decrease absenteeism, and reduce staff turnover. Not only are price tags becoming more palatable, but they may help save money in many other areas for your organization.

4. Standing Desks Are Easily Portable and Storable

Laptop-wielding employees enjoy having the flexibility to work from anywhere. Modern technology like remote access, video conferencing, and cloud-based project management tools are becoming more pervasive in the business world. With so much emphasis placed on the importance of a flexible workstyle, isn’t it time for our furniture to play catchup? Standing desks like the VARIDESK Laptop 30™ are designed to adapt to any workspace and are lightweight enough to transport from one conference room to the next. In fact, almost the full range of VARIDESK models require no assembly, convert existing desks and can be easily moved, stacked and placed in storage with a minimum amount of space.

5. No Middle Men – Order Standing Desks Directly from the Manufacturer

When you’re outfitting your office, it is typically a very long process. Distributors, design consultants… where does it end? With a company such as VARIDESK, the traditional model of buying office furniture has been simplified. You can purchase online directly from the manufacturer and within days – not months – your shipment has arrived. They even offer discounts on bulk shipping. To top it off, all of their desks come with a 30 day no risk guarantee. If the product doesn’t work for your office, you can return it for a full refund at absolutely no cost to you.