ACTIVE OFFICE, HOW TO 5 Minutes Reading

A concern we often address with prospective Vari customers is the “stage fright” aspect of switching to a stand up desk. Let’s face it, you may be pretty conspicuous if you’re the only person standing up in a sea of seated co-workers.

Most office employees work in a cubicle or “open office” environment where standing up at their desk means standing out like a sore thumb. You can try asking the boss to move you to a nice, private office with walls and a door, but if that doesn’t pan out there are a few other options to consider…

Find a Buddy. Get someone else to take the stand up desk plunge with you so you won’t be alone. Better yet, get everyone to jump on the standing desk bandwagon at the same time. Gather some info about the benefits of a less sedentary work day – maybe even put together some facts and figures with an infographic or two – and pass them out, leave them in the break room, or email them to everyone – we bet you’ll get plenty of bites.

Make a Pitch. Approach the boss with the idea of implementing sit-or-stand desks as part of an overall employee wellness initiative. Here are some ideas for your pitch.

  • If your boss isn’t already aware of the negative health consequences of too much sitting, be sure you’re armed with plenty of information about its ill effects.
  • Then, make sure he or she understands the negative consequences those health problems can have on the company’s bottom line.
  • Be sure your presentation isn’t all about negative consequences – present some of the positive research and testimonials as well. Advocate for adjustable desks as a way to create a more focused, energetic and productive workplace.
  • Present detailed comparisons of the various adjustable desk options on the market including their price, ease-of-implementation and ease-of-use. You’ll notice as you begin to price the various models, that you can buy 7 or 8 VARIDESKs for the price of just ONE of the most expensive models.
  • Keep in mind that the VARIDESK retrofit design will save time and money right off the bat because it doesn’t require professional movers or installers, labor costs, loss of productivity time, or major office redesigns.

Add privacy features. If you have a customizable, modular cubicle, you may be able to add extra panels for some height, so you’ll feel a little less conspicuous. Depending on your workspace configuration, other ideas for added privacy are bookshelves, file cabinets, Large plants, Fabric dividers – get creative with it!

Embrace it. If you can summon your confident side, standing out may not bother you so much once you get used to it. In fact, it invites questions and conversations that give you the opportunity to talk about your VARIDESK to your co-workers. Once they see how much you like it, they may join you in standing up for a healthier workplace.