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Try Before You Buy

When you buy a standing desk solution, you’re making a commitment both financially and professionally, so it’s important to get it right. There are a lot of factors to consider including price, the size of your workspace, your computer/monitor configuration, and whether you want a manual or electric model. However, as you consider all the details, don’t overlook the warranty offered with the product as well as the reputation of the company that sells it. Read reviews and learn about their customer service record and return policy. If you’re considering a VARI®, there are two risk-free ways to give us a try.

30-Day Test Drive

One way to make sure you're buying the best standing desk solution for you is to use it for a while in your actual workspace. That's why every Vari product is backed by a no-questions-asked, 30-day, money-back guarantee. That means you can buy a VariDesk, try it out for up to 30 days, and if you don't like it for any reason at all, you can return it for a full refund - Vari even pays your return shipping costs. Other companies will charge you for shipping on returns, but we understand that it's much easier to make the move on that big purchase when you know there's no risk involved, and that the company you're buying from has absolute confidence in their products.

Corporate Trial Program

For our corporate customers who may be considering a large, multiple-product purchase, the Vari corporate trial program offers a free, 30-day demo period on any of our products. It’s a simple process: An account representative sets you up on the trial program, we ship you the products for free and let you try out anything you want for 30 days. If you decide to keep the products, you have another 30 days to pay for them. It’s a no-risk arrangement, so we usually encourage corporate customers to go ahead and try out a complete setup with a sit-stand desk plus accessories so they can get the full active office experience.

So, whether you’re considering buying one VariDesk or one hundred, there’s absolutely no risk of ending up with a product that doesn’t work for you. We want more than customers, we want fans for life. We believe that starts by earning your trust in our brand and our products.

If you try a Vari product, please leave a review on our site or reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter and let us know about your experience with our 30-day guarantee or trial program.