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Buying a standing desk is an important investment in your health, so whether you buy one with your own money or get some help from your employer, it will be money well spent. But, let’s be honest–wouldn’t you rather it be your employer making the investment? So, before you pull out the credit card and take on the expense yourself, do some research, ask questions, and consider a few approaches that could get you the best standing desk solution, and save you some money as well.

Consider Your Options

Keep in mind that you don’t have to invest in a full-size sit-stand desk. Most Vari® solutions are desktop models that will save you money because they allow you to keep the desk you already have with no need for assembly, installation or renovation.

Make Your Case

The best way to encourage your employer to help you pay for a VariDesk is to do your homework and approach your manager or HR director with some carefully researched information about the many health and productivity advantages of creating a more active office. Be ready to answer questions and maybe even enlist some coworkers to help you out.

Turn up the Volume

They might be more inclined to hand you the company credit card if they can save some money by purchasing multiple products at once. Vari offers significant savings when you buy products in bulk, and the discount applies to accessories and add-ons like anti-fatigue mats as well as standing desk solutions. Who knows, once your boss sees the research and calculates the savings, they might decide to purchase a VariDesk for everyone on the team and make you the most popular person in

Call the Doctor

Your manager or HR team may want to get you a standing desk, but to do so they need some way to justify the expense for their records. If you have back pain or some other physical ailment that might be alleviated by reducing your sitting time, ask your doctor if they’d recommend a sit-stand work station. Having a doctor’s official recommendation on-file can be helpful in getting the expense approved.