Building Connections in a Coworking Space

See how Shark Tank star Daymond John partnered with Vari® to create his executive coworking space.

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Blueprint + Co is a coworking space where seasoned professionals, executives and entrepreneurs can be part of an exclusive network that connects them with other influencers and innovators. As founder and CEO Daymond John likes to say, Blueprint + Co is dedicated to helping you “take your work to a whole new level.”

Business Challenge

Having worked with the Vari® team on his Manhattan headquarters for The Shark Group, Daymond felt that Vari would be a perfect partner in helping him bring his unique vision of a coworking space to life. He understood that by investing in a happier, more productive work environment for his employees, he could get ahead of the competition with a team that’s energized and ready to work. Because the nature of a coworking space is constant change and collaboration, flexibility was a key factor in the final design.

Blueprint + Co
Business Challenge
Creating a Modern, Energizing Workspace
Midtown Manhattan, New York City
17,00 sq. ft.
Price Per Sq. Ft.
Services Provided
Space Planning
Site Cleanup
A modern, streamlined coworking space for people who are ready to work.
Designed with open seating for collaboration, breakout meeting areas, and quiet, private work areas.

“Anything that we needed, the Vari team would think ahead of us. They over-delivered.”


Our design team consulted with the Blueprint + Co. team to plan a space that is agile, open and conducive to maximum productivity. Then, our white glove service team got to work, and in just days they were able to set up all 152 desks and accessories in the 17,000 sq.ft. space. They unpacked, set up, and outfitted every Vari workstation with all the accessories an active office needs. The Halo Pendants, QuickFlex Walls®, and storage cabinets finished everything out to create a sleek, modern look that perfectly complements the industrial Manhattan space.

The Result

CEO Daymond John was impressed with the level of expertise and customer service he received from the Vari team: “Anything that we needed, the Vari team would think ahead of us. They over-delivered.” The result is a well-planned space that will get maximum results from members while providing a workspace that everyone will be proud to bring clients into.

A bright, open, energizing space
Designed for collaboration and productivity
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