Feel empowered in asking your company for a standing desk with these tried-and-true tips.

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Today, more and more companies are open to providing standing desk options for employees because they know a healthier workforce has an impact on a company’s healthcare costs. So, what’s the best way to ask your company to buy a standing desk for your workspace? As with most company requests, it helps if you do your homework first. Do some research, ask questions, and consider a few approaches to present the best case you can.

Consider Your Options With Vari®, there's an option for every budget. Whether you're needing an economical desktop model to get your laptop to standing height, something to fit in your cubicle's footprint, or a free-standing, adjustable-height desk replacement, Vari has an option that will work for you. Know what you want — and what you think they'll go for — so you can present a strong, informed request.

Turn Up the Volume 

They might be more inclined to hand you the company credit card if you can save them some money by purchasing multiple products at once. Vari offers significant savings when you buy products in bulk, and the discount even applies to our accessories like anti-fatigue mats and monitor arms - all great aids for your new workstyle. Once your boss sees the research and calculates the savings, they might decide to purchase a Vari for everyone on your team.

Call the Doctor 

Some HR or facilities teams may require (or appreciate!) a doctor's note so they can justify a standing desk purchase on their expense reports. If you have back pain or some other physical ailment that might be alleviated by reducing your sitting time, ask your doctor if they’d recommend a sit-stand work station. Having a doctor’s official recommendation on file can be helpful in getting the expense approved.

In the end, asking your company for a standing desk is much like requesting to attend a trade show or soliciting for a software subscription: it's a tool to help you be better at your job. To view and download research to help you create a business case, visit our Office Wellness References page.